Fashion Doesn’t Stop at Size 12

by Michelle Sonsino
Photo credit: Brittany Salerno

At last year’s A Perfect Fit fundraiser, Career Wardrobe honored model Emme for her work changing people’s perspectives of what is “beautiful” and “fashionable.” As a “plus-size” model, Emme made headlines for being the first full-sized women to be on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People List in 1994.

While there has been progress in recognizing that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes over the past 20 years, fashion options are still behind. While women over size twelve have been taught to hide behind layers of dark fabric and stretchy oversized pieces, the reality is that often women of all sizes look amazing in structured clothes with clean lines and bold colors that make a statement. Fashion and trends look great on women of all sizes, and the confidence that comes with wearing a stylish outfit that fits well is what matters at any size.

In Style Magazine recently featured an article titled How 5 Amazing Women Redefine Plus-Size Fashion “Rules.”  This article highlights upcoming trends that will look fabulous on women of all sizes, and debunks size-related fashion myths. Horizontal stripes, can actually look slimming. White doesn’t make you look bigger, but it looks chic and sophisticated! Ruffles – yes! Show some skin – why not?!

What other size related myths do you dislike or find untrue? What fashion do you think looks great on women of all sizes?

Remember, The Wardrobe Boutique carries women’s professional and casual clothing and accessories in a wide range of sizes. Come visit us!

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