Stop, Look, and Listen –  How Body Language Can Make or Break Your Career Hunt

Did you know?
  • The way you speak can help you negotiate salary.
  • Looking an interviewer in the eye can make you seem interested and confident.
  • Leaning slightly towards the interviewer offers a sense that you want to be there.
What may seem to be small details of how you act, appear, speak, and present yourself can actually make a big difference in an interview. Your body language can make you seem more invested in the company and position, leave a positive (or negative) impression on an interviewer, and help you position yourself.
A recent article by Forbes titled 10 Body Language Tricks to Power Up Your Career in 2016 starts off with some powerful advice: To make a great first impression, begin before you enter the room. Before you enter an interview, take a deep breath, hold your head up high, smile, and walk into an interview confident. Of course, having a great outfit helps, too! Often you can take a minute in a lobby, elevator, bathroom, or outside an office to fix your outfit, review your materials, and remind yourself of your qualities that make you the best candidate! Then stand up straight, smile, and enter with a confident attitude. Shining on the inside will help you shine on the outside as well.
Another piece of important advice that will help you enter an interview with confidence and presence is to leave your phone in your bag and bring a newspaper for the waiting room. Using your phone puts your body in a hunched position with rounded shoulders, and it actually impacts your hormones in a way that decreases confidence. When you read a newspaper, your body is in a more open, expanded position that leads to greater confidence internally and perceived externally.
The article provides a number of other helpful tips that apply to other professional situations in addition to interviews. Do you have any other tips or advice related to body language?
Written by Michelle Sonsino for Career Wardrobe

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