Communications Skills Can Help You Connect and Stand Out in an Interview

interviewIn this competitive economy, it’s an impressive feat to receive a call that you have been chosen for a job interview. Congratulations! The next step is to prepare, mentally and physically, for the meeting. You will want to think about your experience and skills, and how they relate to the job. You will want to research the people you are interviewing with, and as much as you can about the company. One thing that you should also think about, and that Career Wardrobe can help with, is being prepared with your communications skills in order to deliver a confident and meaningful interview.

It isn’t just being about friendly and bubbly, its about reading the audience, understanding when to take a break from talking, being as good of a listening as you are a speaker, and preparing without sounding over-prepared.

This article from Fast Company magazine has some great communication tips that relate to anyone in an interview situation – from journalists to job seekers. It advises individuals how to get the most out of an interview, how to make others feel comfortable and how to look comfortable, and how to best connect with those in the room.

Career Wardrobe’s job readiness programming can help you prepare for interviews, and gain confidence with your communications skills. You can learn more here.

What other advice do you have about communicating at your best during an interview?

Blog written by Michelle S. Edited by Heather B.

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