Create Your Own Luck

Getting a job doesn’t depend on luck but being prepared to meet opportunity, however, sometimes makes you think luck might just be on your side! Sometimes, it’s all about being at the right place at the right time and being available, presentable and having the right attitude.

My first job was a great reminder of this. I saw a flyer partly buried underneath others and a something that read “JOBS” at the top, printed with big bold letters, jumped out at me. I printed out my resume in the library and ran to the location with the flyer in hand. I wasn’t dressed for an interview, but I had to at least find out if they were still hiring.

When I got there the secretary was polite but informed me the positions were all filled. She was nice and offered me a glass of water and I thanked her kindly before going on my way. Sure, I was disappointed, but I felt I had given it a good try.

The-Harder-I-WorkAs luck would have it…I got halfway down the hall and the secretary called me back. She had read over my resume and realized I was qualified to do a job while another colleague was out on maternity leave. She interviewed me on the spot and invited me to come in for a second interview with her boss the following day. I made sure I was dressed appropriately, had another copy of my resume, and was early so I wasn’t winded for that one!

I realize that luck did play a part, but so did my determination and attitude and not being afraid of the opportunities in front of me. I may not have been dressed for the first interview, but if I didn’t have a prepared resume or a positive attitude then the outcome would be different. Moreso, if I did not go the trouble to inquire about the position in the first place, long shot or not, I would have missed that opportunity completely.

Create your own luck. You have everything to gain!

This post was written by Natasha B and edited by Heather B.

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