Counting Kindness

Ever have one of those days where it seems like life has piled on you? Nothing has gone right? You lost your favorite earring. Your dog ate the homework. The kids are home sick. You forgot to buy something at the grocery store that you needed for dinner. You didn’t pay the phone bill. You’re feeling pressured and anxious. The stress is piling on! Then, to top it all off, you get stuck next to the person who is snapping her gum on the bus and you are this close to screaming at a perfect stranger ‘didn’t anyone teach you not to chew gum like a cow?!’This is a critical time for you to get out of your thoughts and stop focusing on your bad day.

At the times when you are feeling the least thankful or kind, look for it elsewhere.Seek it out and remind yourself that it does exist. It isn’t big and expensive. It’s in all the small things that go un-noticed every day. Give yourself a minute to notice.Take time to notice that hey, someone over there held the door for someone else. That person saw someone missed the trash can and picked it up and put it in there for them. Someone gave their newspaper to someone else after they finished. That store clerk just gave a homeless person a cup of coffee. That man just gave up his seat for an elderly gentleman. She just gave someone a token to get home. That little girl just smiled at you for no reason.


Start counting the kindnesses around you, seek it out instead instead of the negativity, and I bet you’ll start feeling a little more generous yourself. I bet you’ll be able to take that deep breath you didn’t know you weren’t taking, and maybe, just maybe, a smile will creep across your face and you might just make someone else smile in return.

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