Brand Management #3: Be Creative

creativebranding So far we have covered two elements of personal brand management: Using Social Media Wisely and How to Avoid Being an Emotional Rollercoaster.  Now here’s the fun part. What’s so great about personal branding is that you have complete control over your image (logo) and how others perceive your image (marketing). Let’s explore that, shall we?

Image is everything. Well, not in all cases. Your image or “logo” is the face of your brand. It represents who you are and what you stand for. Everything has a price. You learned this lesson from childhood, so it should not come as a surprise when we say to you that nothing you invest in or vice-versa is for free. In order to have a successful personal brand, you must be willing to take risks with your marketing campaign. In other words, present yourself in your best light no matter your platform– social media, television, email, or in-person. This is essential to building a long-lasting network.

Creativity (next to finance) is one of the greatest risks that you would probably take in developing your brand. Being creative is not about being just a trending topic or speaking relevant dialogue. It is also about convincing your audience that you offer unique qualities that no one else offers, or you perform better services than the competition. How do you market your creativity? By crafting stand-out business cards or designing colorful apparel, or maybe you have a thriving blog or website. Whatever your choice, just know that success does not happen overnight and that you may not see the fruits of your labor until months or years from now. Just have patience and most importantly: Invest in time and time will invest in you.

Create creativity. Your brand depends on it.

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